An unlikely inspiration

Back in 2005 Ira Sachs made a movie about a music producer in Memphis, his young Russian bride & his visiting son.  It was called “Forty Shades Of Blue” & it won a Grand Jury Prize at Sundance in 2005.

Later that year I was browsing through an issue of Landmark Theater’s quarterly newsletter (Landmark is a small art house chain that runs two theaters near where my office used to be in Palo Alto) FLM, & read director Sachs’s account of what 40SoB is made of.  So it seems he went to see Charulata on a blind date (thank God for art houses like Landmark) & got inspired.  I have let the good folks at iMDB & the Ray FASC know.

Sachs name checks (among many others) Brigette Bardot, Monica Vitti, Raoul Coutard, Patricia Highsmith, Ken Loach, Maurice Pialat, Francois Truffaut, Diane Von Furstenberg, Green Day & Johnny Cash.  He is very eclectic, very European-influenced & possibly very pretentious.  Now I have to see this movie.

Filmfreakcentral has a long interview with him, for those wanting more Sachs.


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