Good blogs are made of these

In this weekend’s Wall Street Journal, Tunku Varadarajan (one of the few senior desi-origin writers in American MSM) spoke to twelve commentators about the state of the blogosphere on the occasion of blogging’s ten year anniversary.  Back in the day (12/23/97) Jorn Barger started collecting links & comments on his site, Robot Wisdom.  In Varadarajan’s story Happy Blogiversary, Elizabeth Spiers, the founder of, had this to say:

“Of the various blogs I’ve written or produced, the ones that worked best — the ones that had the biggest and most loyal readerships — always had a few consistent qualities. They were topically focused, often in niche areas. They published regularly and frequently, typically during office hours and several times a day. They published content that was original or difficult to find, from breaking news to proprietary photographs to obscure links that readers are unlikely to find on their own. They were usually well-written, which has its own intrinsic appeal for anyone who prefers to enjoy what they’re reading. And lastly, they engaged their readership by soliciting feedback and responding to it, in the form of asking for tips, allowing comments or otherwise demonstrating some level of interest in their audience’s preferences.”

Wise words, & let me try & aspire to it.  Watch this space…


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