The PERM Scam

An article in The Times Of India late last month by Chidananda Rajghatta alerted me to this YouTube clip.  It is a recording of the May 2007 immigration law seminar conducted by a Pittsburg-based law firm Cohen & Grigsby.  Lou Dobbs also covered it on CNN with his usual sarcasm & venom.  I am very familiar with this in my business immigration experience in the US.

Note how the comments on YouTube to the first link degenerate in to racist name calling & xenophobia, usually harking back to some utopian economic idyll of peace, prosperity & ‘American’ness…

From the news article where I first read this:

“The developments (increased scrutiny on companies using L1 & H1 visas) came at a time when domestic public opinion is being roused against foreign workers with what Indian activists say are new scare tactics, including spread of a you tube video which shows a US law firm discussing at a seminar how to avoid hiring American workers in favour of foreign workers. The clip, which was posted by a US programmers guild, has outraged American workers. One of the responses to the you tube video advocated violence to drive home the
frustration felt by US workers.”

ToI’s links are a mile long, & their website is full of pop ups & spyware, so I am skipping the link to the full article.


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