Indian Cricket Team’s Hotel Issues

Sadly, The Guardian has started believing its own hype about English cricket.  As I mentioned in my previous post, their media sledging continues to surprise me.  In his comments on the first day of the second test at Nottingham, David Hopps takes an unkind dig at the Indian teams travel habits:

“That India’s pace-bowling trio could perform at all was something of a relief. Such were their complaints about the size of their Nottingham hotel rooms that one half expected them either to be psychologically broken or to run to the crease like hunchbacks.  … Every touring team has a different priority for hotels. The Australians insist on a gymnasium, the Kiwis want a nice view and the Indians expect porters on hand at all times to carry their bags.”

And this is because of the team management complained about the hotel.

That’s rich coming from the worst travellers in the cricket world (yes, even worse than Australia).  This might be an apocryphal story, since this was something I read in an English cricketer’s autobiography when I was a kid, but apparently Bob Willis, the 6ft 6in English fast bowler, in one of his tours of India (1981-82?) couldn’t sleep in the hotel bed since it was too small. I am sure the English press must have gone to town with it.

This portering business seems to fascinate our erstwhile rulers.  Whenever Sourav Ganguly was the topic of discussion, the British media would gleefully point out how he expected junior cricketers to carry his kit bag.  Maybe English porters are the best in class when it comes to carrying the brown man’s burden.  They have watched others do it for a long time & mist have learnt the tricks.


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