Punted & Shunted!

  Like a lot of other cricket fans, I too followed the sad unravelling of the Indian team’s fortunes in the second test against Australia at Sydney last night.  In the rush of justified condemnation against the umpiring standards in this test, it would be remiss not to comment on our brittle and unpredictable cricket. 

Indian Cricket Team’s Hotel Issues

Sadly, The Guardian has started believing its own hype about English cricket.  As I mentioned in my previous post, their media sledging continues to surprise me.  In his comments on the first day of the second test at Nottingham, David Hopps takes an unkind dig at the Indian teams travel habits: “That India’s pace-bowling trio could

Trash-talking Sourav

Sourav Ganguly taking off his Blue India shirt at Lords after India won the NatWest Trophy in 2002 seems to have so enraged a whole generation of  some English cricket-writers it may as well have been a sweaty red shirt waved to a (John) Bull.  I found Lawrence Booth & Mike Selvey of The Guardian to be